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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Establishing Off-Shore Companies

Given the lack of knowledge of international law, people have different opinions and concepts which are not exactly correct about an Off-Shore Company that alter its meaning, often connecting it immediately to criminal activity: "As much as it is logic to think that some companies practice illegal activity, it is unthinkable that all companies are engaged into illicit activities, therefore it is the good use of the instrument, in compliance with any jurisdictions, which makes an Off-Shore Company a lawful or an unlawful business."

In this regard, the common question is:

  • Is it anyway lawful and legal to own an Off-Shore Company?

For all those people who wonder about it there is a simple answer: "Yes, it is. Having an Off Shore Company is a legal legitimate tax haven."

It is important to understand that an Off-Shore Company is a legal entity established in a jurisdiction which carries out its activity outside of it - i.e. outside its Country. Although many Off-Shore Companies are established in tax-subsidized Countries, therefore protected by state law assuring them a position of full or partial tax exemption, these Companies should not be thought of as illicit business means. Further common curiosities are, e.g.:

  • What benefits can you get from an Off-Shore Company?
  • What activities can an Off-Shore Company make?

Generally, members, shareholders and directors of an Off-Shore Company can take advantage of Services which protect their privacy, since, unless there are certain exceptions, the law of these tax-subsidized Countries allows the use of such Services.

Like any other company, an Off-Shore Company faces annual operating costs which can vary, depending on what type of company it is and where its jurisdiction is established. In any case, these costs are very low, so it can be stated that its major benefits are that it allows privacy and low cost of management. An Offshore Company provides a high level of privacy, confidentiality and the opportunity to prepare an effective strategy planning and tax optimization.

In some Countries, the company can carry out trading and / or doing business only outside the Country itself, in order to benefit from such a favourable relief, while in other Countries the company may carry out trading and/or doing business even within the Country.

Commonly Off-Shore Companies carry out activities with non- residents in the Country where they work, in order to keep themselves tax free. Off-Shore Companies are submitted to limitations in almost all Countries that generally prevent them from having a permanent establishing in the Country where they established. - Establishing Off-Shore Company.

Thanks to the above benefits, as well as their administrative simplicity, establishing Off-Shore Company can allow to carry out different activities which by their nature do not require a precise geographical location.

Dealing with an Off-Shore, the advice of Bright Business Consulting LLP is for companies, freelancers or individuals, focusing primarily on:

Some uses of Off-shore Companies to large, small and medium-sized enterprises are:

  • Commercial companies.
  • Holding company.
  • Services and consultancy firms.
  • Royalty Holding, copyright or patents companies.

Some Additional Services for Off-shore Companies are:

Clearly all the activities an Off-Shore Company can carry out, as well as their purposes, are opportunities the international corporate law allows to optimize its Shareholder/s investments and to protect their assets and privacy.

In addiction, the establishing Offshore Company supports many lawful uses. Every wise individual or legal entity owns the right to consider and choose the jurisdiction where he would like to operate.

Confidentiality, consulting dedicated to know more about each individual needs and customized suggestions are elements that mark Bright usiness Consulting LLP a capable company to face any delicate issue, whereas "Warranty & Assistance" - are our first target. Our aim is: to lead the Customer to the most appropriate Service.

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