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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Confidential Services

tr5Perfectly aware of the importance of keeping information of our Customers confidential and in some circumstances protecting their anonymity, "Bright Business Consulting LLP offers "Warranty & Assistance" for:

  • Conducting a classified commercial negotiation. BBC-LLP Individuals in this case operate according to the instructions given by our Customer which are made official in the Form of assignment, carrying out this Task protecting the anonymity of the Customer.
  • Subscribing to a capital increase, acquiring shares, getting the biggest share of one's company or another one, all of which is carried out anonymously. Under this circumstance, BBC-LLP Individuals are also involved through the use of tailor-made means which favour the Customer and protect his anonymity. The latter may always check out the performance of assignment be proper.
  • Establishing a company in such a way the identity of its Customer be not made public to his competitor. In this case, BBC-LLP Individuals, over a formal agreement, can perform any task required by their Customers
  • Safeguarding the Customer's personal life and family by providing him a public address. Bright Business Consulting LLP, after a careful analysis of the situation, formalizes the assignment into the proper Form, as well as its - Trustee Agreement.

Listed above are some activities among the useful Services offered by the "Company". Every BBC-LLP Individual works according to the demands imparted by the Customer which are made official in the Form of assignment, carrying out each Task protecting the anonymity of the Customer.

If it is needed, in addition to the Form of assignment, a Trustee Agreement is formalized, so that the appropriate legal protection and legitimacy can be garanteed to the Customer.

Operations favouring the Customer can be done in the absence of executive powers or with limited powers to those agreements expressly provided either in the Form of appointment, aka Trustee Agreement, or written into a specific Proxy Statement which is customized for the occasion.


  • During the stage of negotiation and in the process of it, amateurs very often enter a room without any kind of preparation, leaving everything to chance. People negotiate to get one hundred percent of their goal, personally determined to pursue their interests despite their overcoming the counterparty, altering the professional and social balance and fueling resentment and misunderstanding. Important negotiations often take their time, frequent meetings and the final decision may not be what was expected simply because there were misunderstandings that have then created sometimes trivial transaction mistakes.

In a negotiation the strongest is who can get an agreement from the other one in order to reach an understanding of mutual satisfaction, which is the reason why "Managing Negotiations" can be conducted by BBC-LLP Individuals protecting the anonymity of their Customers.

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