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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fiduciary Service and Appointment of the Nominees (NDI – NSH – NSE – NME)

trust serviceIs an exclusive service our company offers to those who must or want to protect their company and their privacy, without distinction as the place where it works.

With a very well organized organization the identities of the people that can be connected with the company into account will remain anonymous.

For example, a LTD or LIMITED company or a LLP to be constituted need to appoint:

  • The manager or director – LTD and LIMITED.
  • The shareholder – LTD and LIMITED. 
  • The secretary – LTD and LIMITED.
  • Members – LLP.

In case of LTD and LIMITED the three positions can be taken by the same person. In many countries of the world, e.g. in the UK, the personal data of the directors and of the other members of a company, are registered in official lists kept in the archives of the Company Houses.

Service in details are: 

  • NOMINEE DIRECTOR – NDI. The nominee director – NDI takes the responsibility of representing the company, he meets any official obligation, but he hasn’t any executive power. He is often a necessary figure in case local authorities of the jurisdiction require the presence of a director resident in the same jurisdiction.You can back out the service, but you need to inform in advance our advisors.
  • NOMINEE SHAREHOLDER – NSH. To grant a greater protection of your privacy a nominee shareholder (NHS) can be appointed. He is not the owner beneficiary of the Limited Company or of the company, but he is the one that is mentioned to replace him in the public registers. The Nominee shareholder signs a “trust declaration” to the beneficiary shareholder thus renouncing to every right of action and power onto the shares, including the power of vote, of transferring or selling the shares. Our company offers the third party that can act as a nominee shareholder in place of the real shareholder.

NOMINEE MEMBER – NME. Also for LLP companies in UK, its members can take the advantage of a nominee to protect their own privacy. This one has the same features and aims at the same goals of the nominee shareholder.

  • NOMINEE SECRETARY – NSE. A secretary has no executive poker in the company but he ha to deal with the authorities on behalf of the company. If you are interested in having non executive representatives in the registers of your company, this is for sure the best solution we can suggest.

Why does one make use of trust services? There are several reasons, e.g.:

  • One does not want to reveal to competitors the establishment of a new company.
  • One wants to protect one's privacy.
  • One does not want to detect one's address or name for possible retaliation.
  • One wants to protect one's assets.
  • One has to obey an agreement and/or non-competition agreement.

Bright Business Consulting LLP ensures that all Fiduciary Services given meet a high standard of confidentiality, guaranteeing discretion in favor of the Customer, while providing total piece of mind, efficient management and administration of his interests.

Relying on Bright Business Consulting LLP to address this issue called "Fiduciary Service and Appointment of Nominees" stands for "Warranty & Assistance", solving different problems with competence and professionalism.

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