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Set-Up Brazil Company

societa brasileBrazil is a highly attractive Country for foreign investors, thanks to the strong commitment of the Federal Government in order to improve all infrastructure, diversify the local industry and develop a middle class with high spending power.

- Why should I set up a company in Brazil?

Controlling inflation, fiscal responsibility and a flexible exchange rate is a winning combination that has already produced important results in terms of economic growth. Moreover, having business the territory through a company in Brazil is essential point for being successful in the domestic market.

Anyone wishing to set up a company in Brazil to promote the economic development of some regions of Brazil can take advantage of tax breaks and/or concessional funding and incentives issued by both the State and and the Municipalily.

Important incentives are provided with regard toagricultural in Brazil, technological innovation in Brazil, oil & gas in Brazil, activities of exploration and production in Brazil, Brazilian aeronautics, logistics in Brazil, infrastructure in Brazil - especially ports, sports facilities, real estate and public housing.

In order to get these benefits, you must draw up a business plan about establishing a company in Brazil.

Bright Business Consulting LLP (BBC-LLP) is a working and active firm in the Brazilian market. It is the ideal partner to support the Customer with "Warranty & Support" throughout its process of incorporation.

Anyone wishing to set up a company in Brazil can choose between:

  • Establish a LTDA – Set up a LTDA: is enjoying certain advantages such as flexibility, fair cost of setting up and managing, responsability within the capital. It is a company which is largely used and advised to small and medium-sized foreign companies who will work in Brazil easily and indipendently. Therefore, establish a LIMITADA is often the best choice.
  • Establish a EIRELI – Set up a EIRELI: is opening a sole proprietorship with limited liability, enjoying all benefits of limited liability to the capital, yet getting a team with a single shareholder. It is a kind of company which is little used, but recommended for small businesses wishing to work in Brazil, especially in the sector of manpower.

BBC-LLP is the ideal partner to support its Customers throughout the process of establishing a company in Brazil.

A common tool by which foreign companies initially establish their work in Brazil is getting a "representative office". In many cases, it may be a solution to evaluate carefully the proper start up strategy in the new Country and to better understand both size and potential of the Brazilian market. Please, read sections "PEE Project" and "PEE Products" which were posted by the project itself.

The activities of BBC-LLP is not only about incorporating a company, but also providing Services of various kinds, such as:

  • Consulting for the release of a Permanent Visa: it is aimed both at anyone wishing to to settle in the Country and to foreign investors wishing to handle foreign capital to start business activities in the Country, wich can be useful for development socially and financially.

- Why should I get a Permanent Visa?

The Permanent Visa is essential to live in the Country for more than 90 days, which is the limit of a tourist visa. Local Authorities sometimes refuse entry to people who during the year have already visited the Country taking advantage of the maximum limit of that visa.

Instead, referring to the establishment of a LTDA and/or LIMITADA, the law requires such information to be managed and represented by a legal representative with his Brazilian residence. Once you got your Permanent Visa, you will be C.E.O. of your company as well as a representative of your LTDA, therefore outing from these offices both manager and attorney protempore, which are both Services offered by BBC-LLP to anyone wishing to set up a company in Brazil (LTDA and/or LIMITED).

BBC-LLP offers a first advice for free-First Meeting*

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