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Set-Up International Company

company set-upInternational, global and modern markets require even more planning than in the past. Evaluation and analysis are essential, helping to create, enhance or expand a successful business.

- How should set up a business internationally?

By virtue of a long-time experience, knowledge and expertise, Bright Business Consulting LLP (BBC-LLP) is a leader in establishing international corporate companies, which is essential for setting up a business internationally.

BBC-LLP offers its service to businesses, professionals and individuals by providing a team of pros in trade and fiscal system, who have been working and dealing with business for a long-time internationally.

Aswering questions, asking questions to anyone who needs answers and finding solutions are BBC-LLP's tasks, which aims to be complementary of its Customer; in particular regardinhg to:

  • Establishment of Offshore companies.
  • Establishment of companies in the UK.
  • Establishment of companies in Brazil.
  • Establishment of companies in China.
  • Establishment of companies in the United Arab Emirates - UAE.

BBC-LLP's power and efficiency within corporate establishment is clear, mainly in the coordination of subjects opposing each other, such as: business strategy, audit and tax office, which for BBC-LLP actually merge into one important issue only.

Limitations and strictness sometimes found into Italian comporate law - but also in other kind of laws issued in other Countries - are often a limit to a successful business. Establish a company in Countries which can offer more business-friendly legislation and less oppressive bureaucracy means "Improving efficiency and company management, leading a business to its success."

In particular:

  • Anyone wishing to establish an Off-Shore company can find out several Countries, thus jurisdictions, as ideal places to establish an Off-shore company
  • Anyone wishing to establish a company in England and/or set up a company in the UK, can count on and make use of different teams including LTD, LLP, PLC and PUC.
  • Anyone wishing to establish a company in Brazil and in the event to work within Brazilian territory permanently, on their own, too, must establish a LTDA. Set up a LTDA means getting advantages, such as business flexibility, fair establishing and managing duties and limited answerability regarding to the capital.
  • Anyone wishing to establish a company in China as a non-resident legal subject, it is preferable targeting a WFOEcompany, which has got total foreign capital and it is useful to avoid difficulties and potential conflicts with local partners, as well as benefit from certain subsidies.
  • Anyone wishing to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates - UAE, can make use of different company models including: The On-shore company in UAE, which in force of the convenience demand, or local agents in UAE, or an UAE citizen within the corporate team, moreover being holder of at least 51 % shares - sponsor in the UAE. Then an Off-shore company in UAE and/or Free Zone company in UAE being Off-shore companies themselves, yet established within certain areas, which are defined as "special status areas (Free Zone in UAE - FZ)".

In order to improve and make any process of establishment perfect in different Countries - which in some cases is the first step for facing the company's internationalization - you can identify 5 basis Services which are provided by BBC-LLP:

1. OPENING INTERNATIONAL BANK ACCOUNTS: How to introduce the newly established companies and/or already working companies to internationally leading banks (United Kingdom, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates and other Countries). Please, read section"Consultancy on how to Open Bank Accounts" for further info.

2. ANONYMOUS SHAREHOLDERS AND C.E.O.: As part of companies' establishment, in order to ensure greater confidentiality, BBC-LLP offers its Customers this Service, which is analyzed more deeply in section "Fiduciary Service or Appointment of Nominees".

3. PARTNERS & SPONSORS SERVICE IN UAE: BBC-LLP can provide the best support to businesses and anyone wishing to plan and work well in UAE's favorable domestic market, overlooking both the Arabian and the Middle East's markets, fulfilling and/or strenghtening their own business. You can get further details under "Partner & Sponsor Service in UAE" section.

4. CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE: "Corporate Intelligence" is done through a series of diversified actions in relation to the different operating phases of the development and management of a project, such as: operational assistance for the development of commercial activities; identification of international partners; collecting confidential information about foreign companies; custom processing of lists and names of economic operators; search for customers and business partners; statistical analysis and market research.

5. FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR BUSINESS SET-UP: The useful purpose of this very important Service is examining each Customer's business model, thinking again and speculating in order to get elements to allow the Parties to continue the project. Therefore, we suggest you to read both the following sections called "Feasibility Study for Business Set-Up" and "Trade and/or Business Missions".

Why should I invest in the UK, Brazil, China and/or the United Arab Emirates?

The PEE Project (Park European Excellence) is fully implemented and coordinated by BBC-LLP in order to offer "Contact, Support and Business in International Markets". It is a useful tool to provide an adequate answer to "Why should I invest in...?", as well as useful and necessary to support anyone wishing to work in the following new markets successfully:

  • In the International Markets.
  • In the British Market.
  • In the Brazilian Market.
  • In the Chinese Market.
  • In the UAE Market.

BBC-LLP offers a first advice for free - First Meeting*.



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