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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Set-Up Delaware Company

societa delawareThe State of Delaware is located in the Eastern part of the United States of America. It is not far from Baltimore and Washington DC. Its geographical location is a real advantage when it comes to export, in fact, theproximity to the ocean and the main motorways are its essential elements. Corporation laws of Delaware contributed to the well known planning of this jurisdiction. A Company based in Delaware is known as LLC.

The State of Delaware is recognized as a jurisdiction whereas many Off-Shore Companies benefit from highdegree of confidentiality, as well as an effective system of registration, high security for the protection of personal assets and the total exemption of tax for business transactions and profits generated outside the United States. Its establishment should better be carried out by competent parties, such as BBC-LLP Individuals - Establishing Delaware Companies.

A Delaware Company is ideal for:

  • Managing a holding company.
  • International trade.
  • E-commerce.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Managing rights and/or royalties.
  • Protecting real estate and goods.
  • Dealing with the stock exchange and forex.
  • Taking part in other companies.
  • Registering ships and/or boats.
  • Managing succession and inheritance.

Main features of a Delaware Company are:

  • Exempt from the public register of company officers.
  • Allowed to protect their privacy through specific means.
  • High degree of anonymity and privacy.
  • No mandatory Accounting.
  • Stable jurisdiction with excellent credit.
  • Good media.
  • GMT-4 Time zone.
  • Common Law as its applied Law.
  • No Minimum capital must be paid.
  • Bearers securities are not allowed.
  • The manager and the Shareholder may be the same Individual and/or company.
  • No mandatory secretary.

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