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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Set-Up Singapore Company

singaporeSingapore is one of the major international financial centers, as it benefits from a favorable tax system which is ideal for making investments. This Country, although in recent years it has endorsed various international treaties including income double taxation, is still a Country that does not cooperate with international iuthorities in the field of banking transparency. In fact, many international banks and insurance companies in this Country have permanent establishments or branches.

Singapore is recognized as a Country whereas many Off-Shore Companies benefit from high degree of confidentiality, as well as an effective recording system. The establishment can only be made by authorized parties, such as BBC-LLP Individuals - Establishing Singapore Companies.

A Singapore Company is ideal for:

  • Managing a holding company.
  • International trade.
  • E-commerce.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Managing rights and/or royalties.
  • Protecting real estate and goods.
  • Dealing with the stock exchange and forex.
  • Taking part in other companies.
  • Registering ships and/or boats.
  • Managing succession and inheritance.

Main features of a Singapore Company are:

  • Exempt from the public register of company officers.
  • Names of members part of the company are detected from the Registry of Businesses.
  • Allowed to protect their privacy through specific means.
  • High degree of anonymity and privacy.
  • No mandatory accounting if it does not carry out its business within the
  • Country.
  • Tax rate changes depending of the kind of business carried out.
  • Stable jurisdiction with excellent credit.
  • Good media.
  • GMT +8 Time zone.
  • Common Law as its applied Law.
  • No minimum capital must be paid.
  • Bearers securities are allowed.
  • The manager and the Shareholder may be the same Individual and/or company.

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