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Set-Up United Kingdom Company

societa ukThe United Kingdom is a Country with a totally useful structuring activity to ease business management. It enjoys great prestige and a high level of recognition in international trade.

- Why should I set up a company in the United Kingdom?

The elements in the introduction, combined with the range of services for companies which you can not get in other Countries, are the first reason to establish a company in the UK.

The Country has planned and developed an easier, lighter legal system, issuing fair, clear rules and laws which make each entrepreneurial activity simple and effective.

The United Kingdom's corporate system supports and meets the need of any firm wishing to do business internationally, letting it work and manage well.

Anyone wishing to set up a company in England can take advantage of a series of tax breaks and reduced fees compared to other European Countries; moreover, the Country has also signed bilateral agreements on taxation with many European and extra-European Countries.

In England, and in general in the UK, there are no problems regarding to concessions and/or licenses, especially british companies allow you to get immediately any business in any international market.

Relying on BBC-LLP to establish a company in the UK means setting up LTD, LLP, PLC or PUC which will be recognized worldwide and that can perform its business thanks to:

  • Representative Offices in the United Kingdom.
  • Subsidiaries and branches outside the UK.

Establishing a LTD (Private Limited Company) means setting up a company in the UK which owns capital with a limited liability. It is called "Incorporated" i.e. as a legal subject, it is separate and distinct from its shareholders. By law, a LTD is liable for obligations contracted solely with its own assets and without affecting its members' ones.

BBC-LLP offers its Customer "Warranty & Support" regarding to English corporate establishments and to:

  • Establish a LLP – Set up a LLP: means a guaranteed corporate team composed of individuals and / or legal bodies having a limited liability.
  • Establish a PLC – Set up a PLC: means establishing a privately held company with limited liability which may trade in shares.
  • Establish a PUC – Set up a PUC: means establishing a privately held company with unlimited liability

The activities of BBC-LLP are not only about incorporating a company, but also providing Services of various kinds, including the Service of:

  • Management accounting: If after the establishment and operational performance of the company in UK the Customer relied on BBC-LLP for any accounting, they would have access to a management accounting service. BBC-LLP, as a legal body in charge of accounting management of companies in UK, when necessary, collect and processes any useful data in order to cover any administrative requirement.
  • Open a VAT (Value Addex Tax - VAT) in the United Kingdom: The Value Added Tax - VAT is a duty collected by the company following the sale of products or services provision. The VAT also applies to the purchase of goods or services which are used during the course of the business by the UK company.

- Why should I get a VAT?

Many new businesses are investing considerable resources in their Start-up. The advantage of getting a VAT will immediately allow them to recover any tax paid on their investments.

In many situations, owning a VAT helps to strengthen relations with other companies.

The released VAT is subject to different waiting times and the procedure for obtaining the VAT is rather laborious, therefore BBC-LLP can work on behalf of its Customer by offering its total assistance, both during the application of the VAT and the next phase where all red tape steps are demanded, e.g. the periodic payment of VAT itself.

BBC-LLP offers a first advice for free - First Meeting*

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